How It works


The innovative movement design found within a VAULT watch represents our philosophy that time is in continuous motion, present for only a moment before fading into memory. Time is beyond human control.

All human beings perceive time in their own unique way and indeed the same human will experience time differently according to the circumstances. Our perception of Time is, therefore, unique to each and every one of us and the appearance of VAULT watches has been designed to reflect this final part of our philosophy.

Vault has broken onto the watchmaking scene with a highly innovative timepiece which reimagines the display of time 

– Angus Davies Escapement Magazine –


While the minutes are displayed in a “classic” way, by the use of a conventional, but nevertheless striking minute hand, hours are displayed in an entirely novel way.

The hours are displayed on a sapphire crystal disc which is positioned above the gears of the dial (HGT). The disc is smoked and changes gradually from fully transparent to fully opaque. The line between the transparent and the opaque parts of the disc indicates the current hour.

The fully opaque part of the disc conceals the hours to come, whereas our ability to see the hours just past is gradually removed by its ever-increasing degree of tint. This innovative and unique way of reading the time, therefore reminds us that we cannot see into the future and that, as time passes, our memories fade.


Unlike any other watch, a VAULT timepiece celebrates time setting by redefining the process. After ensuring the crown is in the correct setting mode, the whole movement, the hour indicator disc and the minute hand are rotated at a fixed rate while a transmission reduction ensures that at the same time the dial is rotated in the same direction at a slower speed (11/12 the speed of the movement). This is not only a truly spectacular way to set a watch, as nearly every part of the watch changes the angle, but it`s also the reason why every VAULT watch changes its appearance whenever the time is set.