World of Vault


The creation of a revolutionary brand requires desire, passion and a completely fresh approach to watchmaking.

Driven by their dream of developing an extraordinary watch which would amaze and delight admirers of unique timepieces, Mark Schwarz and Philippe Schmid launched Project Vault in 2013. They shared a clear vision: to create a watch which is not about timekeeping but time itself.

A four-year development phase ensued. Vault collaborated with renowned movement specialist Andreas Strehler and his company Uhr Teil AG as well as drawing on the services of the talented designer, Laurent Auberson. This has led to the creation of a beautiful and ingeniously conceived timepiece. This part has to be rewritten as both Andreas and Laurent belong to the team.

Switzerland is recognised throughout the world for creating products characterized by craftsmanship, reliability, expertise and innovation. As a Swiss company, not only does VAULT identify closely with these traits, it puts them into practice in creating the fine timepieces which bear the company‘s name. VAULT is proud to contribute to the long and rich history of Swiss watchmaking.