World of Vault


Dear Watch Aficionado,

Some years ago, I faced a life and death situation at work. This experience inspired me to fulfil my dream of creating a watch, which is not about timekeeping, but about time itself. That was the moment I decided to dedicate my life to the founding and development of my own horological start-up company.

For the past four years, my dedicated team and I have been working painstakingly to create a new chapter in the long, rich story of watchmaking. The resulting VAULT V1 is a form of mechanical art that reminds us to celebrate and cherish time itself.

Mark Schwarz Founder & CEO, VAULT

I can trace my enthusiasm for timepieces right back to the very first Flik Flak watch, which I was given in 1992. Over the next quarter of a century this passion continued to grow.

After successfully completing both my apprenticeship as an electrician and two years full time work in that skilled trade, I was ready for a change of career. I wanted to do something socially useful and valuable and, therefore, retrained for the police.  During my six years as a serving police officer, I undertook various functions in two police forces in Switzerland. Looking back on this period, I see it as both an incredibly exciting time, but also as the best possible school for life.

As a policeman, I had to confront and deal with numerous life and death situations. These experiences taught me both how short life can be and, especially because we never know how much sand is left in our own hourglass, how precious our time is.