An invitation for an exciting journey

Written by Martin Green Every journey starts with a first step, and sometimes you don’t even know when you take it. For me, it began on a stormy evening in Geneva. It was pouring down, and I was getting soaked as I came straight from the SIHH and didn’t bring an umbrella. The fair has …

Experience the creation of a glowing hot bespoke watch!

We at VAULT love to look at things from a different angle. That is why our latest bespoke watch project will not be launched in the traditional fashion with a big bang and a couple of press pictures. Instead, we have decided to share the unique experience of creating a bespoke watch. Join us together …

New release! Meet VAULT V2+ RED CC

This is it! The VAULT V2+ RED CC 💥 a red hot extreme commission created for a very cool patron in Taiwan.⁠ ⁠ A COMMISSION WITH A MISSION!⁠ Read all about it

A world premiere in Taiwan

Well, it’s official now 😎 we will be showcasing our latest commission in Taiwan soon. ⁠ ⁠ The team is looking forward to a couple of exciting days with our watch collecting friends from Taiwan.⁠ Send us a message for a private viewing of the VAULT V2+.

V01 – one of the most reliable movements on the market

Did you know that our bespoke movement is one of the most reliable machines on the market today? This is not just assured by the fact that it has been designed by master watchmaker Andreas Strehler but by the unique way time is set on a VAULT watch. A conventional watch is set by turning …

VAULT @ Jenni Uhren AG

We are delighted to announce that until July 7th we are showcasing the incredible VAULT V1+ CTi at Jenni Uhren AG in Zürich, Selnaustrasse 15. Visit Jenni Uhren, have a chat with Marc and Kurt Jenni while sipping a coffee and exploring all the quirks and features of the VAULT V1+ CTi. The atelier managed …

The worlds most personal watch

The VAULT V1+ CTi caseback is a tribute to our bold vision of creating only bespoke watches for the fortunate few. Not only speccing the movement to suit the taste of our collector but also to create a bespoke carbon titanium composite for one single watch.

Explore VAULT during Baselworld @ Swiss Creative Lab

We are delighted to announce that we will be showcasing our latest creation the VAULT V1+ CTi together with the Swiss Creative Lab at Hyperion Hotel Basel, starting March 21st.  Book your appointment

V1+ CTi the next level of bespoke watchmaking

Time is a personal matter. Even more so your own timepiece that treasures the hours and minutes of your day. That’s why customisation has always been part of VAULT’s core mission. But this time, we have taken it to another level. Imagine you’re able to choose not just the colours engravings and materials, but commission …

VAULT is growing, welcome to the gang Marc Jenni :-)

We are happy to report that the VAULT gang has a new member: Marc Jenni. For the watch geeks out there – Marc will be no stranger for you. And for everyone else, rest assured that Marc knows a thing or two about watches ;-). He has built his own high-end watch brand is a …

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