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Taking you on a unique journey

We all perceive time differently. if you’re stuck in an office on a Friday watching the seconds tick painfully by it goes on forever; if you’re on a track day, it’ll race by quicker than any supercar. for better or worse, time is individual and so should be how you read it.

By its very nature, a vault watch shows that individuality, but we can go even further. after all, it’s not just perceptions that vary from person to person but taste too. it would be far too presumptuous of us to think we’re created your perfect watch. our tastes aren’t yours. that’s why we offer a fully bespoke service.

From the case metal to the finish and colour of the hands, your aesthetic wish is our command. do you want something minimal to the point of ascetic? a cascade of gemstones on a canvas of gold? from the big to the small, we’re happy to accommodate your ideal design.

Don’t worry though, we’re not about to leave you adrift in a sea of horological possibilities. our founder mark schwarz is personally on hand to help with every bespoke request. we might not be able to change your perception of time, but we can certainly build a watch to match.


Personal Touch

The commissioning, construction and delivery of each VAULT watch is handled personally by founder and CEO, Mark Schwarz.


If you are interested in discussing the possibility of commissioning a VAULT watch please contact:

VAULT_V2+_Det_6_HiRes_RGB 4.jpg
VAULT V2+ RED CC 17.jpeg

Worldwide Shipping

Whenever possible Mark Schwarz will deliver the VAULT V1 in person.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

VAULT accepts bank transfers and will provide account information at the appropriate time. A deposit of 50% of the purchase price is required at the time of order. The balance is due immediately before delivery (terms and conditions apply).

Something Special

Each VAULT watch is designed and constructed to evoke the idea of a bank safe. The aesthetics of each VAULT watch reflect our belief that time is precious.

The delightful outcome is a timepiece crafted to a high standard that captures some of the design elements of a classic bank safe.

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