We challenge the status quo by creating #bespoke mechanical art for those who would rather lead than follow.

Based on our vision we have been crafting some of the world’s most personal and exclusive mechanical watches in Switzerland.

Once again, we are pushing the boundaries in our industry by becoming the first Swiss watchmaker to venture into the world of NFT art.

Prior to creating our very first physical timepiece, we designed the VAULT V1 as a digital model. It would become the foundation of the mechanical watches which followed in 2017 but based on a heavily altered architecture making the digital V1 unique.

The VAULT V1 TITANIUM “JL” Edition was conceived in 2017 for a well-known watch collector.

The design and construction of the VAULT V1 digital twin took more than two years and includes many world firsts such as being the first watch with a changing appearance and the first watch with a fully autonomous movement. Every component was meticulously designed and constructed.

We are happy to share a piece of our history with watch enthusiast across the globe who are ready to unfollow the herd.

Head over to OpenSea to check out the watch and place an offer.

VAULT – for those who would rather lead than follow

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