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Creating a VAULT timepiece is a unique challenge. After all, our watches are not about timekeeping but time itself. Each component is designed and finished to remind us how precious time is.

A great example is our automatic in-house movement. Our movement is not just designed to indicate time but to pay tribute to times most powerful characteristic: It`s beyond human control.

Manufacturing a watch worthy of our vision not only requires exceptional people and their skills but also takes a lot of time to build and finish every part to the highest horological standards.

In a nutshell, we have created a horological VAULT which honours time and to achieve this we have pushed boundaries in terms of innovation, aesthetics and experience as you are about to reveal.

The watch is nothing like you have ever seen, I promise you that much for starters.



The highly complex case of a VAULT V1 consists of four separate components which are created to the highest levels of precision before the VAULT name is laser etched into the lower engraving plate. The Case, case back and the two engraving plates are each machine-tooled from solid blocks of 316L steel. Tooling takes over 9 hours in total and another full day for hand-finishing the case parts to perfection. The case is assembled using 12 grade 5 titanium screws of which 8 feature our signature 3-slot screw-head profile.


The V1 has a black PVD coated 2-part crown in grade 5 titanium that perfectly blends the aesthetics of a classic bank vault knob with the functionality and haptics of an easy to operate crown.


The unique V1 rehaut is created to the same high standards in terms of quality fit and finish as the case. The rehaut frame is machine tooled from a single block of aluminium after which the frame is sandblasted and receives a black anodized treatment before the index lines and numerals are laser etched into the metal. In a subsequent step 12 machine turned index-cylinders in grade 5 titanium are tipped with super luminova and fitted to the frame, completing the stunning rehaut of every V1.


The requirements of the V1 movement differ from any other watch and challenged the construction and manufacturing skills of UhrTeil AG who created a bespoke movement for the brand. The V01 automatic movement features an inertia regulated balance wheel which oscillates at a frequency of 21`600 while the main barrel provides a power reserve of 50 hours. The pearl-blasted and rhodium plated mainplate features 6 steel rollers which allow the whole movement to rotate 360° in both directions while the time is set – another unique concept only found in VAULT watches called the shape-shifter-complication. The movement bridges are pearl-blasted and rhodium plated, matching the industrial aesthetics of the V1. A highly efficient rotor in tungsten complements the V01 movement by reliably rewinding the mainspring barrel, while touching the senses by its sound and motion.


VAULT doesn’t build classic complications but instead focuses on “emotional complications”. In doing so we have created the first mechanical watch which changes it`s appearance whenever you set the time. We call it the “shape-shifter-complication”. A key part of this concept is the patented fully adjustable dial called the “hour gear transmission” which is made up of 133 parts making it one of the world’s most complex watch dials. While setting a VAULT watch the whole dial rotates to synchronize the correct time – a truly mesmerizing experience.

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