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About Vault Swiss


Time can be many things. it can be good, bad, hard, or easy; sometimes it’s like an arrow, others like a whale. you can spend, invest, and borrow it but no matter what you do, time waits for no man. if there’s one thing we can agree on though, it’s that time is impossible to control. VAULT is the first watchmaker to show just how true that is.

Time is central to every VAULT timepiece. we don’t mean the frequency of the movement, the seconds it loses each day, or the other jargon associated with horology; we mean the concept of time itself.

To understand VAULT, you must ask yourself, what is time? that’s precisely what our founder Mark Schwarz did back in 2013. to him, time was three things: precious, implacable, and personal.

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Beyond control

What better place to lock away your most precious of commodities than in a vault?


Not only did this give us our name, but it influenced the look of our watches which imitate the imposing steel door of a bank vault. We go even further, protecting the movement from interference with the outside world – which brings us to the second point.

No matter what we do short of Einsteinian relativity theories to slow the passage of time. Instead, all we can do is adjust to it. That’s why you don’t set a VAULT watch by interacting with the movement; instead, you simply turn it – looking at it from another angle – until hands meet dial right where you want them.

The way this is done leads us to the third and final aspect of VAULT’s timely triumvirate. As you turn the movement, the dial turns at a slower speed, which means that despite two watches indicating the same time, they will look different. It’s a concept that needs to be seen to be truly understood, but one that illustrates just how unique are our personal experiences of time.

Of course, we don’t spend all our own time on the contemplation of time itself; we’d never get any watches made. Our pieces are painstakingly assembled by the phenomenal UhrTeil AG of Andreas Strehler in the heart of Switzerland by watchmakers that have served their own time learning their craft.

Their experience has lent itself to our own in-house VAULT Swiss Caliber movement to ensure that not only is the concept of a Vault watch unique, but so is its execution. This hands-on approach means that our already limited number of watches can be made even more so with a host of bespoke options. After all, if time is personal, so should be how you read it.

VAULT does not make traditional watches. We don’t make mechanisms that attempt to arbitrarily pin down and control every hour, minute and second of the day.  We don’t just make timepieces; we make pieces for time.

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