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Teamwork makes a dream work

We’ll be the first to admit that we couldn’t have done everything we’ve achieved entirely by ourselves. it’s taken a committed team of people both here at VAULT, at our partners at UhrTeil AG and elsewhere to create the phenomenal timepieces which we are so proud of.

The work is still far from done and there’s a long way yet to go, but we’d like to thank the individuals and organizations that have had a hand in making VAULT a reality.



It is undoubtedly appropriate that the founder and creative imagination of such an innovative start-up as VAULT should himself have enjoyed an unconventional career path. Mark’s career has progressed from skilled tradesman to a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and senior positions in the financial sector, via six years as a serving police officer in Switzerland, during which time he faced life and death situations. These experiences nurtured his clear understanding both that we should cherish the time we have and that life should be an expression of what we are most passionate about. Combining his strong belief that time is extremely precious with a fascination with watches dating back to his childhood, Mark founded the horological start up, VAULT in 2013. 

Shooting 2016 (28 von 1).jpg



An exceptional engineer with outstanding autodidactic skills, Philippe has relished the opportunity to contribute to the most complex and demanding project of his career: the VAULT V1. Motivated by the sheer scale of the mechanical challenge facing him, the husband, father of two and former elite soldier has developed unique and ingenious solutions such as the hour gear transmission, which has become a signature element of the VAULT V1.



Passionately committed to the creative application of art and design, Laurent – a genuine entrepreneur – founded his own design studio a decade ago and quickly became one of the most highly regarded watch designers in the industry. During this time, he has worked with numerous prestigious brands and collaborated with Andreas Strehler both on the beautiful Cocon model and the astounding Sauterelle à Lune Perpétuelle. Laurent was captivated by the unique vision of VAULT, and has committed all his creative expertise and energy to the innovative and bewitching design of the V1.



Business Development

From day one Jasmin has been supporting VAULT in numerous positions over the time and has helped us get to where we are now. She is also pretty well known and appreciated by collectors who participated at our past gtg`s.


Independent Watchmaker

The quest for simplicity has led Marc to become an independent watchmaker in 2008 and a member of the Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants in 2012.

Rene Gschwend.jpg

René Gschwend


RGB X-Tech is one of our early partners and machined the worlds first carbon titanium composite case exclusively for VAULT. Every VAULT case is carefully crafted by the boss himself, René Gschwend.

Albert Zeller

Owner RC Tritec AG

Albert Zeller, CEO of RC Tritec. RC Tritec is a family-run business and a leading company for luminous applications in the Swiss watch industry, If your watch glows in the dark, there is a very strong chance that the dial has been made using RC Tritec’s Swiss Super-LumiNova®.


Andreas Strehler

Owner Uhrteil AG

UhrTeil AG is the only construction and manufacturing company in eastern Switzerland for micromechanical components right up to complete assemblies for a wide range of industrial sectors.

UhrTeil AG was founded in 2005 by Andreas Strehler. He has been working as an independent watchmaker since 1995.


Consulting & Training 

“ Nowadays, mechanical watches are considered to be semiotic objects which not only represent our behaviour in terms of time, but also how we perceive time and move between past, present and future.

The VAULT project focusses on one of the most sensitive and uncontrollable phenomena in our society – our relation to time and its value. VAULT is a striking product and a concept with great potential for future development.“



Branding Consultant

A strong brand works like a lighthouse. It`s giving your direction security. A strong brand means recognition, uniqueness and reflects the brand`s DNA. It is an honour to have been a member of the initial branding team.


Owner Garrick

David Brailsford is a renowned Watch Consultant, owner of Garrick England and founder of the Watchmakers Club.

“ A great watch and a great team. It has been a huge honour to be involved in this exciting project “

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