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V3+ onYX

Anker 1
When a visionary collector challenges the status quo

“The guiding vision of the V3+ ONYX was to create a sport-inspired watch, matching our collector’s lifestyle and thereby modifying a substantial part of the case, the strap, and the movement in the process. We are excited to unveil the ONYX after more than 12 months of hard work and dedication.”

Mark Schwarz, Founder VAULT



When sport meats stealth

THE V3+ ONYX case was redesigned from the ground up by our in-house designer Laurent Auberson to suit the lifestyle of our collector.

The grade 5 titanium case features the brand's first crown guard, designed in a way to provide protection for the crown while keeping the additional weight as low as possible. 

Additionally, the case profile and the engraving plate inserts have received a  sharper design to further cut weight and provide a more dynamic look while staying true to VAULT`s design DNA.