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The innovative movement design found within a VAULT watch represents our philosophy that time is in continuous motion, present for only a moment before fading into memory. Time is beyond human control.

This unique mechanism is a homage to a revolutionary invention of the 19th century – the time lock safe.

The time lock makes use of several watch movements to ensure that the door of a bank strong room can be opened only at specific times. Once the time lock is set, its mechanism cannot be controlled externally.

This is exactly like the movement in a VAULT watch which is completely autonomous, thereby reminding us that time cannot be controlled.


What does time mean to you?


It’s an odd question that we doubt you’ve thought about much recently. All of us spend time without noticing it; most of us tend to waste it. For our founder Mark Schwarz however, time came far too close to being up.

Switzerland isn’t the most dangerous place in the world, but even it has its dangers for a police officer and, after having far too close a call in the line of duty, Mark did what any sane person would do: he went for a beer.

Like the great philosophers of old, it was on a sunny day in a beer garden that Mark discovered what time meant to him. After his close run-in he realized just how precious it was of course, but his inner discourse went further. Time was immutable; you couldn’t control it no matter how hard you tried. Time is also deeply personal; we all perceive our lives and their onward momentums differently.

As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones that believed in Mark’s ideas. Swiss entrepreneurial investor Venture Kick saw the potential of his idea and awarded him the seed capital needed to get started. This is when VAULT became a reality.

The three philosophical pillars that began the journey – preciousness, immutability and individuality – became the basis of our first watch, a timepiece devoted to preaching Mark’s newly-discovered gospel of time. backed by a unique design ethos and the horological expertise of UhrTeil AG, in 2017 we released the V1. The rest will be history.

Time is precious. keep it with a horological VAULT.



All human beings perceive time in their own unique way and indeed the same human will experience time differently according to the circumstances. Our perception of Time is, therefore, unique to each and every one of us and the appearance of VAULT watches has been designed to reflect this final part of our philosophy.

By virtue of the way in which the time is set and the mechanism moves, each VAULT timepiece will show the same time in a unique way – a constant reminder that each of us, as well as our perception of time itself, is unique.


Each VAULT watch is designed and constructed to evoke the idea of a bank safe. The aesthetics of each VAULT watch reflect our belief that time is precious.

The delightful outcome is a timepiece crafted to a high standard that captures some of the design elements of a classic bank safe.

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