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Anker 1

Our driving vision for the V1-X was to unleash our creativity and establish the art piece collection.

The first featured artist is Laurent Auberson, our in-house designer who penned the VAULT V1. The project brief was to mesh abstract minimalist art with cutting-edge mechanics as found in the V1. 

V1-X Illu.png



We decided to use the sapphire crystal disc, which indicates the hours on a V1, just like an artist uses a canvas to create a unique look to the disc.
A paint splash has, in fact, a couple of fascinating aspects: first of all, an artist can never fully control the shape and size of the splash – just like we cannot control time – but actually it is formed by the time between the instant of impact and the colour reaching its solid-state.

Beyond control

We might not be able to control time but we are able to manage it. Especially in our fast-paced lives, we have found ways to bring in some structure to the perceived chaos surrounding us. Symbolically for this structure, Laurent managed to integrate a way to read the hours using cleverly applied negative space in the splash and a pyramid shape creating an easy and exciting way to read time.

Light it up!


To make the V1-X stand out at night, RC-Tritec applied orange Swiss Super-LumiNova to the sapphire disc, which creates a halo effect around the disc. Lumicast 5-minute markers frame the art piece adequately and make the watch pop in the dark.