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VAULT Ron R1 Side

With this vision in mind VAULT has created the R1-Ultimate composition sipping rum. Combining exquisite rums from across the globe and composed by our master blender Baldwin, the R1 delights with its complex flavours of vanilla, toffee and orange which are rounded off by a hint of dark chocolate and an incredibly smooth finish.


VAULT R1 RON Exclusive 500-Bottle Limited Series

This exclusive 500-Bottle limited series R1 rum by VAULT is hand-blended and hand-bottled in Switzerland and generally crafted with the same high standard as we apply to all our bespoke watches made for connoisseurs who rather lead than follow. The perfect way to enjoy is with a VAULT watch on your wrist.

As good as it is, please enjoy it responsibly.

Ron R1

Blending the worlds finest rums

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