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How our watches work

The magic behind the concept

The innovative movement design found within a VAULT watch represents our philosophy that time is in continuous motion, present for only a moment before fading into memory. Time is beyond human control.

All human beings perceive time in their own unique way and indeed the same human will experience time differently according to the circumstances. Our perception of time is, therefore, unique to each and every one of us and the appearance of VAULT watches has been designed to reflect this final part of our philosophy.

reading Time

The singular element that makes the V1 so unique is how you read it. While the minutes are read in the conventional way (via the outer dial), the hour is displayed on a unique rotating disc which highlights the current hour of the day.
Every time the watch is set, the movement and dial rotate at different speeds, changing the position of the gears which display the hours. It’s easiest to understand when you see it for yourself, but in practise this means that the layout of the dial will change every time the watch is set. Time never repeats; neither should your watch.

READING TIME on a VAULT watch front
READING TIME on a VAULT watch side

Setting Time

how a VAULT watch works front
how a VAULT watch works side

world of vault

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