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I must admit that with just a couple of weeks left before Baselworld 2018 opens its doors to collectors, journalists and watch enthusiasts from around the globe, the pressure is high, the nights are short and there are just not enough hours in the week to get everything done. Obviously, we are not the only guys in the industry working extra hard to amaze the watch community at Baselworld with some beautiful watches. Literally, every brand and every supplier are working their pants off to complete their tasks just in time for the most important watch fair of the year.

It`s this time where emotions run high when things don’t work out as expected and deadlines are postponed again and again while time literally runs out.

Yes, it is tough but on the contrary its precisely the time where I have experienced some of the finest acts of generosity, selflessness and extraordinary support I have experienced in my career.

David Brailsford, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Garrick watches, has been building a completely new website for VAULT while standing under a lot of pressure to get all his work done prior to Baselworld as he will be presenting the Garrick S1 watch to the crowd. Instead of just saying no to us, which I would have completely understood, he has put in all the work and energy to create our amazing new page.

René Gschwend, the founder of RGB X-Tech AG, our partner who creates our cases and a lot of other components for the VAULT V1, switched to working night-shifts and weekends so that he could focus on building excellent quality parts for us although having full order books, just amazing :-).

I can`t express how grateful I am. These people are sacrificing their free time and putting in a lot of energy and work for a small unknown watch brand so that we can present the V1 in Basel.

I want to thank you all for putting in all this teamwork to make the dream work.

Special thanks to Dave Brailsford, Andreas Strehler, René Gschwend, Enrico Santoni, Jasmin Zürcher an all our other partners helping us in such an incredible way.

I will not forget what you have done for us.

Mark Schwarz

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