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Crafting a bespoke watch with a single person in mind is only possible if you know the person for whom the timepiece is created. That`s why we are happy to share the story of Albert Zeller. The future owner of the VAULT V2+ RCT.

Hi, my name is Albert Paul Zeller, CEO of RC Tritec in the fourth generation. If you own a watch that glows in the dark, then the chance of owning one of our products is rather high. This is because we are the manufacturer of Swiss Super-LumiNova®, the world’s leading luminous pigment.

I was born on April 11th 1988 in St. Gallen and grew up in Teufen in Appenzell (that’s the eastern part of Switzerland, close to the border with Austria). I went to high school in Appenzell, earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in chemistry and business studies from the University of Zürich and did some additional studies in small and medium-sized business management at the University of St. Gallen. So, enough about the background information; now on to the hopefully more interesting part:

With both of my parents leading the family business, I got the chance to join them on business trips from a very young age and got to see the world very early on. It was a terrific opportunity, which I am very thankful for nowadays.

Being surrounded by natural sciences every day encouraged me to become a “bookworm” in my youngest years: I was either reading tons of books as a child or otherwise I was playing Lego and drawing all day. That was my world, where I could spend weeks doing only this.

At an older age, I fell in love with skateboarding and snowboarding. These were the next things I could spend hours doing, just being outside and enjoying the moment. I got sponsored by brands like Nidecker and competed almost every weekend or joined photo shoots. Definitely a fun time, but not very helpful for my bones as you can imagine.

My love for all these things is still alive and I really enjoy being on boards of all kinds and being creative with my environment. Being creative and in motion is something I really need in my life; it also helps me to release pressure from everyday stress and to dive into another world.

Since I do not drink, I have to get rid of my energy somehow in a positive way: In my free time, you can nowadays find me snowboarding in wintertime, surfing in the summer or even spending some time swimming, working out, painting, spending time with my girlfriend’s horse or cooking (but that’s something every chemist likes).

If you have the pleasure of working every day on the most beautiful time pieces as I do, you necessarily have to become a watchnerd. I could spend hours discussing all kinds of timepieces and the stories they tell, so creating my own timepiece was always a dream, which has now become reality. Stay tuned!

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