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V1+ red gold MANA

Anker 1

A new dimension

VAULT is teaming up with Decentraland to become the worlds first Swiss high-end watch brand to launch a metaverse watch.


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Entering the #Metaverse

Challenging the limits

After offering the first NFT by a Swiss luxury watch brand in March 2021, VAULT is challenging the status quo once again by creating a limited edition watch specifically for the metaverse platform Decentraland.

The first of it`s kind


The V1+ RED GOLD MANA is our first metaverse creation which will be exclusively available on the metaverse platform Decentraland as a limited series run of 100 watches costing 150MANA

Crafted for


The V1+ RED GOLD MANA watch features a dial and movement design which cannot be found on any of the production watches offered by VAULT. The underlying 3d model and architecture took over two years to develop, and will only be used for the brand`s virtual timepieces.



The watch comes with a unique t-shirt featuring the iconic VAULT logo on the front and a QR code skull on the back which unlocks this page :-)

Explore on Decentraland

“Virtual watches provide us with the creative freedom to try out new concepts in the future without real-life restrictions which is why we are very excited about this partnership with Decentraland. Furthermore, it provides us with the opportunity to introduce our creations to a new audience and break the mould of traditional watch brands”.

Mark Schwarz, Founder VAULT



+ V01-X automatic virtual movement (exclusively made for Philippe Schmid)
+ Inertia regulated balance wheel
+ Power reserve: ca. Infinite
+ Frequency: 21`600 vph
+ Rhodium plated brushed and pearl blasted skeleton rotor
+ Pearl blasted rhodium plated baseplate
+ Black rhodium plated brushed and bevelled bridges


+ 5-part case
+ 18k red gold
+ 39mm Width
+ 46.7mm Length
+ 15mm Thickness
+ Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
+ Open case back
+ Titanium screws with signature VAULT screw head profile
+ Black coated titanium crown

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